Mentor Classes provides an integrated PUC1 (+1 level) and PUC2 (+2 level) coaching class. In this course, there is also integration of ompetitive exams preparation and students can choose from CET/ NEET/ISEET. We provide tuition classes for all major subjects including Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. Our experienced tutors make sure to cover each part of the syllabus and focus more on scoring chapters.

  • Every year fresh batch for 1st PUC starts in June.

  • Regular classes are conducted to cover the course syllabus for all subjects

  • Back-up classes: We respect each student’s individual pace of learning and do not pressurize them to catch-up with the rest of the class. Instead we provide back-up classes for any student who needs extra time for any particular subject.

  • Revision Classes: Human mind if not refreshed regularly loses information it stores every day. To avoid losing grasp on chapters and subjects covered, we organize special revision classes to brush-up the necessary details.

  • Weekend Classes: These classes are designed keeping in mind the various areas that need to be re-visited or revised more often. Students are given a chance to interact with each other and clarify their doubts with the faculty.

  • Tests: We don’t take our coaching for granted and conduct regular and surprise tests to make sure students are following us and are on the right track.